Round Dance DJ

A Multi-Tool for Learning and Practicing Choreographed Dances

What it does

Dj will play your dance videos and audio recordings. It will slow them down so you can study what the instructors are doing. It will skip forward and back, or jump to any point in the recording. It will replay sections you are having trouble with, and it will even wait for you to get into position before starting the music.
You can easily mark spots in the dance to jump to quickly. Just click on a bookmark to start playing at that point. You can adjust the position of each bookmark, and even have DJ start playing before the marked spot, to give you time to "sync-up" before you start dancing.
DJ gathers the files for each dance - wherever they are on your computer - and makes it easy to switch between them. You can pop the cue sheet up to check on a figure, switch to a different video, and even flip back and forth between a video file where you can see the dance and an audio file where you can understand what the cuer is saying. And you can easily jump to the same spot in the dance in each file.
You can use bookmarks to index dance clinics - mark the start point of each figure or technique covered - to make it easy to find the one you want to look up. And you can use the same technique to label each dance in long recordings of convention showcases.
You can find dances by Name, by Choreographer, by Phase, by Rhythm, by where they were introduced, or by Category or Status. Or, perhaps best of all, by what figures are in them. Or even by any combination of those. So you can find all the phase 4 and 5 foxtrots and waltzes that were introduced at ICBDA and contain a spin & twist. If you really want to.
DJ will remind you to refresh dances that you have learned. That will help keep the dances that you have spent so much time and effort on fresh in your memory. (And help prevent embarrassment when you unexpectedly encounter those dances at a festival.)
The DJ can bundle each dance - all the video, audio and cue sheet files, plus all the information about the dance, including bookmarks - into a single file that you can copy to another computer. Or even trade with a friend.
Round Dance DJ is very feature-rich - it can do a great many things to help you learn and practice dances. But you can set DJ to use just the features you want without making it unnecessarily complicated. It can operate in Simplified, Standard or Advanced modes, and even within each mode you can turn features on or off.

How to get it

You can download Round Dance DJ and try it out for 90 days for free. After that, you can purchase a license ($25 - $75) to continue using it indefinitely.
To download DJ, register on this website using the link above (if you haven't already done so), then log in. Then click on the "Download RDDJ" link (also above).